31 Best High School Graduation Gifts For Girls

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The Best High School Graduation Gifts for Her

This post is all about the best high school graduation gifts for girls.

Graduation season is just around the corner and high school grads are soon going to face a whole new world filled with fresh and exciting opportunities.

Show her how proud you’re of her accomplishments by giving her something cool, practical, and amazing! Make her feel special on her special day! I remember I was so thrilled on my graduation day and the gifts I received made me feel so loved and special!

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In this post, I’ve put together a list of the best high school graduation gifts for girls for every budget that any girl will surely love!

1. A Backpack

A good-quality backpack is one of the best high school graduation gifts for girls! It will last many years and is one of the most useful gifts you could give a high school grad because they’ll be using it every day! 

I highly recommend a backpack from North Face because they’re hyper-durable, lightweight, have multiple pockets, and are comfortable too.

2. Laptop

A laptop is a little pricey gift, but it’s an extremely valuable gift for a high school grad! A good laptop like this one will last them throughout college and even after!

3. Apple Watch

An apple watch is a really thoughtful high school graduation gift for girls! These are waterproof, excellent fitness, and sleep trackers which are perfect for keeping track of health in college!

4. A mini instant camera

This mini instant camera by Fujifilm is cute, compact, and perfect for your high school grad to capture all the beautiful memories of her college life. She can instantly print out photos and share them with friends and family or hang them in her dorm room as a photo collage!

5. Airpods

Airpods are super popular in college and one of the best high school graduation gifts for girls. It was one of the favorite graduation gifts that I got.

They are perfect for listening to music or podcasts while working out, doing assignments, or just walking around campus.

6. Mini Keurig

If your high school grad is a coffee-lover, then this Mini Keurig is the perfect gift for her! It’s so compact and doesn’t take up a lot of dorm space.

It’s cost saving too as she wouldn’t feel tempted to get an expensive starbucks coffee!

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7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

It could get difficult to get any studies or assignments done in a noisy dorm. So your high school grad will be extremely grateful that you got her these Noise-canceling headphones. They’re perfect for focusing or studying in college and blocking out noises.

8. Coordinates Necklace

A coordinates necklace is the perfect graduation gift for someone moving to a college far from their hometown. This custom coordinates necklace with the coordinates of her hometown inscribed is the perfect way to remind her of home.

9. Weekender Bag 

Whether it’s going home or going back to college or visiting friends on the weekends, your high school grad is going to be travelling a lot! So a stylish overnight bag is an essential.

 10. Mantra Bangle

Gift her this inspiring jewelry with the engraving  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think,” to remind her how incredible she is. It will make a beautiful graduation gift for her!

11. Portable blender

Help your high school grad be healthy by gifting her this compact but powerful portable blender that doubles as a travel bottle! How crazy is that?! It’s perfect for making healthy, nutritious drinks that she can have for breakfast, especially on those busy college mornings!

12. Inspirational Mug

This inspirational coffee mug with uplifting words is the perfect graduation gift! Let her read this every morning while she has her coffee and stay motivated throughout the day.

13. Portable nail kit

If your high school grad loves taking care of her nails, then this cute portable nail kit is the perfect graduation gift for her!

 14. Plush Robe

Gift her this comfy Plush Robe that she can wear while walking to the showers or while just relaxing in her room! It’s so cozy and warm and any girl is sure to appreciate it!

15. Yeti Rambler

Yeti Ramblers are super popular in college these days! They are insulated tumblers that keep hot drinks warm and cool drinks cold all day long!

16. Clip-On Fan

College Dorms most probably don’t have air conditioning and can feel stuffy at times, especially during the hot summers! So, a clip-on fan is something that your high school grad will surely appreciate! These are battery-operated and easily clips onto the sides of the bed.

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17. Clothes Steamer

Dorm rooms are tiny and you won’t have enough room to put an ironing board and iron in it. So your high school grad will love this clothes steamer which is compact and really easy to use and removes wrinkles perfectly!

 18. A fun party game

Having some fun group games are the perfect ice breaker and the best way to make some new friends in college. So get them some fun party games like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You MEME to bring to college.

19. A Book on Financial Discipline

The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage is an excellent guide on getting your finances under control and get organized. This book will be the perfect gift for the soon-to-be college student to help them make smart decisions early on.

20. Photo Hanging Set

This photo-hanging set is something every girl will love! It’s perfect to hang up pictures with her friends and family so she’ll always have some good memories to look back on! It also adds some décor to the otherwise boring dorm room.

21.  Homesick Scented Candle

A perfect way to remind her of home whenever she goes off to college. Homesick candles come in various scents each corresponding with natural fragrances of that state.

 22. Travel Toiletry Bag

Your soon to be college student is likely to travel a lot. Whether it’s going home on weekends, or visiting friends, this cute and compact travel toiletry bag will make it so easy for her to carry around her toiletries!

23. Day Planner

A day planner is one of the best high school graduation gifts for girls to become more organized! Get her this academic day planner to help her stay on track with her assignments, extra-curricular activities, or life in general!

24. Portable charger

This portable charger is a lifesaver and is a must-have for grads to stay connected all the time! It lets you charge your phones multiple time before it needs to be recharged. Your high school grad will surely love it.

25. Kendra Scott Earrings

Kendra Scott jewelry is gorgeous, and at the same time not too expensive. This makes for a great graduation gift for girls!

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26. College Journal

College Journals are the perfect way for journaling your college life. This  One Question a Day journal or this Five-Minute Journal will make for a unique graduation gift for her!

27. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If your high school grad loves singing in the shower, then this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the perfect graduation gift for her!

28. Tile Mate

If your high school grad is prone to losing keys a lot, then this tile mate is the perfect gift for her. It’s a little Bluetooth-enabled gadget keeps track of anything she attaches it to through an app, in case she ever lose them! 

 29. Weighted Blanket That Feels Like a Hug

A Soothing Weighted Blanket would make a really thoughtful gift for the future college student. They help you wind down and get a good deep sleep, perfect for exam times!

30. Dorm Safe

Living away from home with strangers, for the first time, may sometimes make your high school grad feel uneasy and unsafe. So let her keep her belongings like her passport, credit card, cash or smartphone safe and secure in this portable dorm safe.

31. Cash

If you’re still at a loss to find something for her, then give her some cash. It might seem simple but it’s definitely a graduate’s favorite most of the time. If she’s planning to pay for college by herself, she can use it for basic essentials like rent and groceries before she can find a job.

This post was about the best high school graduation gifts for girls!

High School graduation is an important milestone in life and deserves a celebration! Moreover, a high school graduate heading off to college will have a lot of shopping to do before moving in, so anything useful will be highly appreciated. The gift ideas listed in this post will be super helpful for her in college.

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