27 Best College Graduation Gifts for Her


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Looking for the perfect gift to give your college graduate? Here are the best college graduation gifts girls will actually want!


The Best College Graduation Gifts for Her

With graduation right around the corner, you are probably looking for the perfect gift for the college girl in your life.

And you want to get her something special that lets them know how proud you feel and that she’ll actually use it in her post-grad life.

Coming from a recent college grad, I know that college students prefer gifts that are actually practical. So I’ve made a list of all the things that are super popular with college girls and guaranteed to be a gift that they love!

I’ve included a mix of personalized, higher-end, and inexpensive gift ideas on this list, so there’s something for every budget.

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Here are 27 of the best college graduation gifts for her that any grad will absolutely love and cherish.

1. Working Tote

A working tote is the perfect graduation gift for a college grad heading off to their first full-time job!

This bag is so convenient for carrying a laptop and almost all of their work essentials.  It’s stylish and durable and is guaranteed to be used and appreciated!

2. Lululemon leggings

Lululemon is a workout clothing brand that is super popular among college students, but it can be a bit expensive for a recent college graduate.

These long-lasting and stylish Lululemon leggings are a college graduation gift idea that would be appreciated by any college girl! She can practically wear them anywhere, like while working out, running errands, or just lounging around in their apartment!


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3. Day Planner

Another functional graduation gift idea for a recent college graduate, that is guaranteed to be used by her every day, is a Day Planner! It’s the absolute best way for staying organized and having a schedule!

I personally love this Rocket Planner, which is a reusable planner that your grad can use year after year to stay organized!

4. Luggage

If your college grad loves to travel and is planning to go on a big graduation trip in the Summer, then this luggage would make the best graduation gift idea for her!

5. Air Fryer

An Air Fryer would be a thoughtful graduation gift for college grads moving into their first apartment! It’s so useful to have in the kitchen and a total time-saver!

Not to mention that it can be a big encouragement for them to eat healthy too!

6. Personalized Spotify Plaque

Spotify Plaques are super popular right now and would make an awesome graduation gift idea!

This personalized Spotify plaque from Etsy looks so cute! You only need to tell them your grad’s favorite song and you’ll get this beautiful glass plaque with a custom photo and a unique code, which you can scan to go directly to that song on Spotify!


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7. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are essentially candles infused with essential oils that can help relax and calm the mind and body.

Since your college grad is most probably going to be stressed about things like finding a new apartment, worrying about getting good grades, etc, she will definitely appreciate this college graduation gift!


8. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are all the rage right now so this gift is sure to be a hit! Almost every girl has this on her wishlist!

A Polaroid camera will allow your grad to capture all the important moments of her life and get an instant physical picture to keep forever.

9. Satin Pajama Set

Satin pajamas are something every girl wishes they had. They’re so comfy and fancy!

There are tons of options on Amazon that look super nice but are also actually pretty inexpensive! 

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10. College Graduation Gift Basket

If you can’t decide on one thing to give the graduate, then give them a bit of everything! Custom gift boxes can be personalized and customized according to what your grad likes and needs.

This is such a great college graduation gift idea that you could easily DIY or choose from a lot of customizable options from Etsy!


11. Custom makeup bag

If you’re looking for something charming, yet budget-friendly, then this personalized makeup bag from Etsy would make an awesome college graduation gift for girls!


12. Initial Necklace

If you want to gift your college grad something sentimental, then customized gifts are the way to go! Customized necklaces with initials look so elegant and is something every young woman should have!

If you’re looking to stick to a budget, then this initial necklace from Amazon would be a perfect choice! Or if you are willing to splurge a little then Etsy has plenty of beautiful options too!

13. Personalized Metallic Coffee Mugs

Along the same lines as above, this personalized metallic coffee mug from Etsy would be another perfect college graduation gift idea!

You can put both their name and initial on it, which I think is soo cool!


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14. BirchBox Subscription

As a recent college graduate, I can promise you that this is a college graduation gift they will absolutely fall in love with!

BirchBox is a subscription service that delivers beauty and skincare products monthly right to your doorstep. This is such a unique gift for girls graduating college! You can gift a woman’s subscription gift card for 3 months, 6 months, or a full 12 months. Gift a BirchBox subscription here. 


15. Streaming Service Subscription

I think subscriptions are one of the best gifts you could give anyone that is guaranteed to be used and appreciated!

And a year’s subscription to popular streaming services like Netflix or Hulu will be something that’s relatively expensive but the grad will be forever grateful for it!


16. Instant Pot

While it’s a little pricier than other graduation gifts, an Instant Pot really is such a good gift to give college graduates when moving into their first apartment. It’s guaranteed to be of very great value to them!

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17. Blue Apron Gift Card

Another subscription service that any new college grad is sure to appreciate is a Blue Apron meal subscription.

A meal subscription kit brings you the groceries and recipes you need straight to you to make easy, nutritious meals each week. It saves them tons of time and takes the hassle out of cooking.

I’d have absolutely loved to get a Blue Apron Gift Card for my post-grad life cooking!

18. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are super cozy and warm! They are so comforting and help you get a better night’s sleep.

This is a great graduation gift for a recent college grad since she’s beginning a new phase of her life that can be exciting and stressful. So she’ll definitely love this graduation gift and put it to good use!

19. Personal Finance Book

Graduating college and managing your own finances can get overwhelming pretty quickly if you’re not prepared. So a book on managing her personal finances will be absolutely loved by your recent grad!

This classic bestseller ‘ Smart Women Finish Rich‘ by David Bach is an incredible book on personal finance! It has several useful tips and advice that will help you cultivate good money habits!

20. One Line A Day journal

The One Line A Day Journal is a graduation gift that I’ve absolutely enjoyed using in my post-grad years. All you have to do is write one line a day for five years, and it’s so fun to look back and go through everything you wrote!

21. Ember Mug

If your graduate loves drinking coffee, then an Ember Mug is one of the perfect college graduation gifts for her. It’d keep her coffee hot all day long! Perfect for all the busy grads who are constantly on the go.

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22. Jewelry Box

If your grad loves wearing jewelry, then a jewelry box would be the perfect college graduation gift idea for her.

This jewelry box from Amazon is super chic yet budget-friendly. She’ll absolutely love using it for organizing all her jewelry and keeping everything in one place.

23. Mejuri Hoop Earrings

Mejuri jewelry is gorgeous! They look so simple and elegant and are of really good quality too.

Any girl graduating college is sure to appreciate a pair of these Mejuri Earrings. They are super trendy right now and definitely will be worn often!

24. Cookware Set

A full cookware set is another thoughtful kitchen-centric college graduation gift idea for grads. It would come really handy for a recent grad moving into her first apartment after college and is sure to be appreciated.

25. OnCloud Running Shoes

If your graduate is someone who loves fitness and is into running, then a pair of running shoes would make a great gift for college graduation.

OnCloud is a super popular brand this year and one of the best when it comes to sportswear. Plus it’s always nice to have an extra pair of shoes when you’re moving out.

26. Gift Cards

You can honestly never go wrong with gift cards, especially if you don’t know the grad so well. They are always a go-to option to give graduates and every college grad is sure to love them!

Some of the best stores for girls, that you could give gift cards to, are Target, Amazon, Lululemon, Starbucks, Etsy, etc.

27. Money

Your college grad is getting into the real world and starting living on her own. So she is definitely going to need a lot of money to pay rent, bills, pay off student loans, and buy food among many other necessities.

So money would be a very welcome graduation gift and one that you can never go wrong with!

These are the best college graduation gifts for her that the grad in your life will absolutely love!

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College graduation is one the proudest moments in every student’s life and needs to be celebrated accordingly. Hopefully you found this list helpful and have found the perfect gift for the grad in your life!

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