25 Easy Microwave Mug Meals You Can Make in Your Dorm

Microwave mug meals dorm room

Let’s face it, within the first few months of living in dorms you’ll most likely get tired of eating the same old cafeteria food. But going to the local fast food joints every time you crave something different is not exactly going to cut it for the next four years! That’s where these quick and easy microwave mug meals come in. They only take a handful of ingredients, a microwave to pop it into, and are ready in a few minutes! Also, they taste delicious to boot!

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10 Stylish and Cozy College Dorm Rugs Perfect for Your Dorm Room

Dorm room rugs

Decorating your dorm room with the cutest dorm decor like neon lights or cute bedding can really add personality and life to your dorm room, but do you know what makes the biggest difference? Adding a super cozy RUG! A rug can instantly transform those bare and cold rooms and make them feel so comfortable! It’s the perfect way to add color and warmth and make your space feel like home!

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The Ultimate College Packing List For Freshman

College packing list

Deciding on what to bring to college can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. There are a lot of things to consider when packing for college and it will be tough to keep track of everything. I remember being so confused about what and what not to include in my college packing list that I ended up leaving out a lot of the things I actually needed.

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