10 Stylish and Cozy College Dorm Rugs Perfect for Your Dorm Room

Dorm room rugs

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This post is all about the trendiest college dorm rugs.

10 Cute Rugs For Your Dorm Room

Decorating your dorm room with the cutest dorm decor like neon lights or cute bedding can really add personality and life to your dorm room, but do you know what makes the biggest difference? Adding a super cozy RUG!

A rug can instantly transform those bare and cold rooms and make them feel so comfortable! It’s the perfect way to add color and warmth and make your space feel like home! Plus, not having a rug means you’ll be walking around barefoot on cold tile floors all the time, which you definitely don’t want!!

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So here are the trendiest college dorm rugs that I recommend would be the perfect addition to your dorm room! These are the rugs that I would have 100% had in my dorm.

1. Fuzzy Dark Grey Rug

I love this thick, fuzzy dark grey rug because it has a calm, cozy vibe to it and will easily match the rest of your dorm room while still adding extra design to your dorm decor. 

They are also super comfortable so you can do your homework or watch a movie sitting on them!

2. Faux Sheepskin Area Rug

Sheepskin rugs are super trendy right now and the perfect fit for dorm rooms. Also, it’s all white so it will  blend seamlessly with any room design you choose!

3. Carno Beige Bohemian Rug

Distressed rugs are in style right now and it’s a perfect choice if you want to style a boho dorm room with a vintage finish!. It would look super cute with any boho decor and make everything look more put together!

4. Pink Shag Rug

For a chic and comfy style, a girly pink shag rug is the way to go! Such a cute dorm rug to cozy up the cold dorm room floors with.

This pink shag dorm rug from Amazon is super comfy and will be perfect to add a subtle touch of color and texture to your room!

5. Multi Circles Rug

If you want to make a bold statement in your dorm room then this groovy beige rug will be the perfect dorm rug for you. The big circles and patterns on the rug look so sophisticated and unique. The fabric claims to be stain-resistant too which is always a plus in my book! 😛

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6. Black and white Arizona rug

If your dorm room is decorated in big, bold, and bright colors, then you’ll most likely want to get a rug that is a little muted and balances the whole look.

I absolutely adore this black and white Arizona dorm rug from Amazon! I mean look at all that texture and patterns! Such a great way to keep everything simple but also interesting!

7. Jalen Tufted rug

I love rugs that go great with a multitude of room decor items yet keep everything looking elegant! And I also love that you’ll be able to try out different color schemes for your dorm room as often as you like without worrying about getting a new rug every time!

I absolutely love the rugs found at Urban Outfitters! Though they can be a little pricey there are so many options to choose from and the quality of their products is great. 

If you’re looking for a rug that is neutral but at the same time has some great texture and details, then this tufted rug from Urban Outfitters is the one for you! It would also look perfect in a boho dorm room.

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8. Moroccan Diamond Multi-Color Shag Rug

This diamond area rug is such a fun way to add some bright pops of color and character to your dorm room! It would simply make everything look more lively and cheerful!

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9. Zig Zag Shag Wool Rug

If you’re looking for something more neutral, a simple off-white rug with gray details, like this shag wool rug, will be perfect for you!  It’ll work with any color scheme you choose for your dorm and give everything a classy vibe!

10. Blue Area Rug

This big, distressed blue rug filled with vintage-style patterns and saturated hues is perfect to add a splash of color to the floor and make your space stand out!

And this being a big rug will cover most of the floor in your dorm room and is perfect because college dorms tend to have hard as a rock floor that looks cold and bare!

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This post showed you the best college dorm rugs that are guaranteed to make your dorm room super cozy and feel like home!

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