25 Dorm Room Essentials You’ll Actually Use


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Dorm Room Essentials Every Freshman Needs

This post is all about the best dorm room essentials for college students.

During my freshman year, I remember feeling stressed out not knowing what to pack before moving into college.

I also remember scrounging the internet for ideas and buying a lot of stuff, some of them that I wouldn’t even need. I even forgot to buy some of the stuff that I should have brought with me.

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Now, after having lived in college, I have made a list of college dorm room essentials that, not only I but also my roommates recommend, will help you settle into your college dorm more comfortably.

These are all essential dorm room products that you’ll actually use and will help make your college life far simpler and more organized.

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1. Mattress Topper

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your all-around well-being as a college student. The mattress that will come with your dorm bed will probably not be so comfortable. That’s why a mattress topper is one of the crucial dorm room necessities to bring with you.

Unless you are planning to spend some bucks on your own mattress or you love waking up sore every morning, I recommend buying a mattress topper. This four-inch memory foam mattress topper is a good choice for dorm beds.

2. Dorm Sheets

You will want to get some bed sheets next.  You’ll probably need to get Twin XL size sheets to fit your dorm bed properly. This sheet set comes in Twin XL and includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one pillowcase, and are super affordable.  Pick your favorite color scheme and enjoy your sleep.

3. Duvet and Cover

Besides making it super comfortable to sleep, your Duvet set can help set the tone of your dorm room. I have been using these ones all throughout college and they’re the most comfortable blankets I’ve ever owned.

Another option is to go all out and get a comforter set. They’re super comfortable too but are a bit more difficult to change and wash. But if you’re more inclined to getting a comforter set, this comforter from Amazon is actually pretty affordable and has some great reviews too.

4. Comfy Pillows

Having some extra pillows at hand will come really useful to prop you up while spending an all-nighter on your bed with your laptop. I like these pillows from Amazon because they are so plush and comfortable.

5. Small Clip-On Fan For Your Bed 

You’re probably not going to have air-conditioning in your dorm room, so it’s crucial that you have this clip-on fan with you when it’s extremely hot outside.

I had one similar to this and it was an absolute lifesaver on those hot days. It’s battery-operated and is really convenient to use as you can take it anywhere with you and easily clips onto the railing of your bed.

6. Bed Shelf

This bedside shelf is another super helpful dorm room essential. You can put your phone, books, laptop, water bottle, medication, and any other important stuff you’ll need while in bed. It’s especially helpful if you’ve lofted dorm beds so that you don’t need to get down every time you need something.

7. Alarm Clock

You probably use your phone to wake you up in the morning but what if your phone got damaged or something during the exam times and your roommate forgot to wake you up early? An Alarm Clock is something I really regret not buying during my freshman year.

8. A Mesh Shower Caddy 

A mesh shower caddy is a dorm room essential everyone needs. Most dorms have large bathrooms for the entire hall, so you’ll want to have a caddy to take everything you need to and from the shower. Make sure to get a mesh caddy so water drains out easily.

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9. Towel Wrap

A towel wrap is a seriously amazing invention and a must-have dorm room essential.

It attaches with Velcro at the top so you can walk down the hall hands-free between your dorm room and showers without worrying that it would fall off. Plus it’s super handy to have it on while applying lotions, doing your hair and makeup etc.

10. Shower Shoes

Walking around barefoot in the communal bathrooms is so unhygienic! Buy yourself a pair of these waterproof sandals to protect your feet from potential infections. It’s cheap yet does the job. Believe me, your feet will thank you.

11. Towel Set 

Bring with you a couple of sets of bath towels and wash towels because it’s always good to have an extra pair when one is dirty and you’ve not done laundry. This towel set is perfect because it contains two washcloths, 2 bath towels, and 2 hand towels.

12. Laundry Hamper

It’s easier to stuff all your dirty clothes in one place, instead of piling it all on the floor, so you can take them to the laundry room for washing. Make sure you get a hamper that has handles or comes with a bag so that you can easily transport your dirty and clean clothes to and from your room.

I like this laundry hamper because it contains two bags, one you can use for dirty clothes and another for bringing clean clothes back from the laundry room.

13.  Non-Slip Hangers

These Non Slip Velvet hangers are perfect for organizing your tiny dorm wardrobe space effectively. You can hang your clothes without fear of them slipping and falling off to the floor and getting dirty.

14. . Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottomans are a perfect dorm room essential because they can be used both as an Ottoman and storage space. They also add aesthetics to your dorm room. You could choose a color that goes with your dorm theme.

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 15. 10” Phone charger

These are a total lifesaver. Dorms have very few outlets and they may be really far from your bed. So an extra-long charger is essential to being able to lay in your bed on your phone when it’s dead. These are also great for using at the library or coffee shop when charging outlets aren’t right next to you.

16. Desk Organizer

Call me a neat freak but I hate seeing my desk cluttered. If you’re a super-organized person like myself, I really recommend getting this desk organizer to keep things tidy in your dorm room. It’s space-efficient and lets you have more room to work at your desk or store more things on your desk.

17. Cube organizer

A cube organizer is an inexpensive and cute way to easily add some storage space in your dorm room. You could store your items in them like storage bins, or use it as your nightstand or TV stand.

18. Power Strip 

Dorms typically have few outlets, and often will be in completely inconvenient locations. So, having a power strip like this with ten outlets and four USB charging ports will make your college life much easier since you’re bound to have many devices to charge.

19. Mini Keurig 

I love a good cup of coffee every morning. Thankfully I had this Mini Keurig that did the job perfectly. If you’re a coffee lover like me then bringing one of these with you is a must. These are super compact and perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms.

20. Cozy Slippers

Having a pair of cozy slippers are so nice to keep your feet warm and fuzzy.  These are really great to have if your dorm has tile flooring.

21.  Small Glass containers

Take a set of microwave-safe glass containers with you so you can store leftovers and eat out of them later. I have these containers, and they’re great!

22.    Mini Vacuum

If you don’t have a vacuum in your dorm building then I recommend taking this compact vacuum with you. It’s incredibly affordable and you’ll find it very useful in keeping your dorm room clean.

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23.    A Small Trash Can

Depending on your college, you may have to bring a small trash can with you. Buy a small one that doesn’t take up a lot of space, like this one.

24.   First Aid Kit

It’s really important to take with you a first aid kit so you can avoid that unnecessary trip to the hospital/ pharmacy when you’ve got something like a slight migraine. Make sure to add common meds like ibuprofen and cold medicine to your kit.

25.  All Purpose Cleaner

An All-purpose cleaner is an essential dorm cleaning product you can use to keep your dorm room squeaky clean.

This post was all about the best dorm room essentials that every freshman needs when moving into college.

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