15 Dorm Room Organization Essentials That Will Save Your Life


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Dorm Room Organization Essentials

This post is all about the top dorm room organization essentials you need!

Dorm rooms are going to be one of the smallest spaces you’ll ever live in.

Needless to say, it can get really cluttered and messy with your stuff lying about. On top of it, you’ll most probably be sharing with a roommate! So you’ll really want to make the most of the tiny space and keep your room organized.

It could be a bit hard, in the beginning, adjusting to the small space. But with the right preparation, you can easily make a smooth transition to living in dorms 🙂

Here are the best dorm room organization ideas that will help you use the limited space to the maximum and keep your dorm neat and tidy!

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Three Tier Storage Cart

These three-tier rolling carts are super convenient and a great space saver for your dorm room. I love this three-tier storage cart because you can use it to store literally anything you want, from your make-up accessories, and jewelry to school supplies, and you can move it around whenever you want.

It also a fashionable way to add extra storage space to your dorm room!!

Storage bins

These storage bins with rope handles are terrific to store stuff on shelves in a neat and tidy manner. It’s also great for storing clothes you only wear during certain seasons (like your winter clothes), blankets, spare linens, etc. under your bed.

Ottoman with Storage

A piece of furniture with extra storage inside?! Well, that is a must-have dorm organization essential! You can use a storage ottoman as a footrest or as seating and at the same time use it to store blankets, shoes, etc. They also add aesthetics to your dorm room. You could choose a color that goes with your dorm theme.

Desk Shelves

I always felt better studying when my desk looked tidy and organized. I bet you’ll do too!

It’s really space-efficient if you store all your school supplies and study materials in one place so that you have more room to work at your desk. A simple adjustable desk shelf like this is the perfect way to keep your desk organized and devoid of clutter.

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Drawer unit that doubles as a Nightstand

For some extra storage, a small nightstand with storage drawers is great to have in dorm rooms. They take up less floor space but still have a lot of places to put your things.

I like these ones because they are lightweight and easy to move around unlike the traditional nightstands.

Desk Drawer Organizers

A messy desk drawer can really mess up your productivity. These adjustable, extendible drawer organizers are great for sectioning off your drawers into compartments, so everything has its place. You’ll also be able to fit more items into your desk this way.

If you have the time, then you can even DIY these drawer organizers using some cereal boxes! How cool is that?! Check out the DIY tutorial here.

Space Saving Hangers

The wardrobe in my dorm room was tiny and soon I was running out of space! My roommate suggested these space-saving hangers and they were lifesavers!! They are incredibly useful for saving space in your dorm closet and keeping your clothes organized.

Door Hanging Organizer

Always remember that when living in dorm rooms, taking maximum advantage of vertical spaces is essential for having more storage space. A simple door hanging organizer is an inexpensive way of taking advantage of your doors and is great for storing lightweight stuff like hair styling tools, notepads, accessories, etc.

Foldable Drawers for Organizing Clothes

These foldable storage drawers are a budget-friendly way of keeping everything in your drawers super organized.

You can easily organize all your underwear, bras, socks, etc inside your drawers, in separate compartments. That way everything is not lying around in a jumbled mess.

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Store extra clothes in stackable storage bags 

If you’re not using the storage space under your bed, then you’re missing out on one of the best, space-efficient storage hacks!  A storage bag organizer is a great way to utilize that wonderful space under your bed!! You can use them to keep less frequently used clothes, spare linens, blankets, etc organized and out of the way when they’re not in use.

Get a tiered lazy susan organizer to save space

A lazy susan organizer is a super cute way to organize and refill your snacks like granola bars, protein bars, etc in cute little compartments!

Under-The-Bed Rolling Cart

If you’re one of those people who own a ton of shoes, then storing them is gonna be a problem in a tiny room. An under-the-bed rolling cart like this one is a super practical way to keep your shoes organized and to make the maximum use of that vast storage space under your bed!

Rotating Makeup Storage 

A rotating makeup organizer like this one is so much more efficient and space-saving than plastic containers! You can store your makeup accessories on all the sides and easily access them by just rotating it!

Rustic Jewelry Organizer

Necklaces and earrings tend to get tangled and damaged easily when they aren’t organized.

A rustic jewelry organizer like this one not only allows you to organize your jewelry but also doubles as an elegant wall design.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are your best friend!! They are an extremely cheap way of utilizing wall space. You can easily hang your backpacks, hats, instruments, or any other accessories on them. It’s truly a budget-friendly way of keeping things organized!

These are the best dorm room organization essentials I recommend to have the most organized room on campus!

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