7 Dorm Bathroom Essentials Every Freshman Needs

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Dorm Bathroom Essentials

This post is all about the must-have dorm bathroom essentials.

When you’re busy getting ready for college move-in, it’s so easy to forget about the small but important things, like your dorm bathroom necessities. I brought my shampoo, lotions, creams, and stuff but it completely slipped my mind to bring anything else.

Whether you are sharing a dorm bathroom on your dorm floor or have your own college bathroom in your suite-style dorm room or college apartment, having these items will make your life SO much easier.

Here are the most basic dorm bathroom essentials every college freshman needs to take with them to college!

1. Mesh Shower Caddy

Another dorm bathroom essential everyone should have is a mesh shower caddy. It lets you store all of your bathroom essentials like shampoo, conditioner, soap, loofah, razor, shaving cream, etc in one place. You can even get one with handles so that you can hang it in your shower.

Make sure to get a mesh shower caddy, and not a plastic one. This is important because it lets the water drain out better. I made the mistake of buying a plastic one in the beginning and had to deal with water spilling everywhere on my way back to my room.

And if your dorm bathroom has shelves, then it’s better if you store it in there to avoid taking it back and forth between your dorm to the bathroom.

2. Shower Slippers

Wearing shower shoes in communal dorm bathrooms is super important! Not only is it plain unsanitary to walk barefoot in public bathrooms but it’s also important to protect you from potential foot infections like athletes’ foot, ringworm, etc. So get some shower shoes, use them from day one and keep your feet safe and clean!

You can use regular flip-flops, but I recommend getting slippers that are made for showers and dry quickly. These shower shoes are a good choice to wear to dorm bathrooms and showers.

3. Towel Wrap

A definite must-have for living in a dorm room. Most dorms have shared bathrooms and you may have to walk from your dorm to the bathrooms for taking a shower, in which case a towel wrap comes in really handy. I got one of these in my junior years and I’ve been soo in love with them ever since.

They come with Velcro and attach at the top so you can walk hands-free without worrying that the towel will fall off. It’s also super useful if you don’t like getting dressed immediately after a shower as you could leave it on and blow-dry your hair, apply lotions, etc. after your shower.

4. Headwrap

Headwraps are super useful for keeping your hair out of your face while doing your make-up after a shower, or while wearing a facemask. Plus, it dries your hair way better than a towel and is super comfortable than having a heavy towel on your head.

5. Makeup Organizer

It’s always nice to have your makeup essentials organized. I love this acrylic organizer because you can see through it and can find what you’re looking for easier. So much better than having to go through a bag full of makeup items just to get your lipstick! 

6. Towel Set

An Absolute Must! These towel sets include washcloths (for drying your hands and face outside of the shower) and bath towels (for drying off after a bath or shower).

 It’s always better to keep some extra towels in hand in case they don’t dry up fast. You can choose from several color options and they’re pretty cheap too.

7. Hair Tools Basket

These are super useful if you want to store your hairbrush, dryer, straightener, and every other thing you use for your hair. A hair basket helps you keep things organized so you know where to find everything to do your hair in one place. No more searching around your dorm room for a missing dryer when you’re in a rush!

These are the dorm bathroom essentials that will help you get through your dorm life!

Having to use a shared bathroom with other girls is a part of your college experience and is something that is inevitable. So what you can do is prepare ahead and bring these dorm bathroom essentials that will definitely help you survive and flourish in dorm life.

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