29 Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes For College Girls


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29 Cute College Halloween Costumes

Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday, especially when you’re in college! Not only you’d be celebrating it with your friends, but you would also be planning for the cutest costume to wear! Getting dressed up as your favorite character is so much fun, especially when doing it with your friends!!

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to start looking for the best Halloween costumes for this year’s Halloween party!

But coming up with costume ideas at the last minute can be stressful. So let me help you out here!

From group costume ideas to the hottest Halloween costumes, here are over 25 cute and easy college Halloween costumes that would be perfect for any Halloween party in college!

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This post is all about trendy Halloween costumes for college girls in 2023.

1. Alice (In Wonderland) and the Red Queen

Credit:@andilawley and ashleydeady

I LOVE this costume idea and I am obsessed enough with this stylish rendition of Alice in Wonderland costume that I might actually do it. It’s the perfect college Halloween costume to do with your friends or alone!

All you need to do is pick out a blue dress (if you’re Alice) or a red dress (if you are the Red Queen), and some extra accessories off Amazon to complete the look! This is an absolutely adorable Halloween costume that is guaranteed to impress everyone this year!

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2. Space Cowgirls

Credit: @pinterest

Space cowgirl costumes are one of the trendiest group Halloween costumes for college girls in 2023 and girls always look gorgeous in this shiny outfit!

A Space Cowgirl costume has been super popular ever since Kendall Jenner wore it and you will for sure stand out at the party! You can easily recreate this costume by piecing together a cowboy hat, some metallic bottoms, and a cute top and getting a toy gun!

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3. Lilo and Stitch

Credit: @pinterest

This lilo and stitch-inspired costume is one of the easiest and most cute Halloween costumes for college girls ever!

You can literally find pretty much everything you need on Amazon and put together a really cute outfit.

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4. Mermaids

credit: @madschwing

The mermaid costume is a classic Halloween costume for college girls that is so easy to put together. Super simple AND incredibly cute!

All you need is a cute metallic fabric that resembles mermaid scales which you can DIY to make a cute mermaid dress. Don’t forget to get some starfish clips for your hair and body along with blue hair extensions!

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5. Risky Business

Credit: @pinterest

Although this has been done time and time again during the Halloween season, this costume idea based on the iconic Tom Cruise movie Risky Business is still a super classic group Halloween costume idea for college girls!

To pull off this look, all you’ll need is an oversized white button-down (borrow one from a guy or grab a cheap one from the store), white tall socks, and some black fake Ray-Bans.

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6. Dark Angel

credit: @tori_genesis

This year for your college Halloween party, instead of the traditional white angel spice it up a little and go as the sexy dark angel! This is at the top of the Halloween costumes college girls would love. 

This is a pretty easy costume to DIY. You probably already own a black dress, and a lot of people have wings at home from past costumes. So you could either borrow from them or get your own from Amazon.

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7. Three Blind Mice

Source: @pinterest

This is another super fun group Halloween costume idea for a college party that takes minimal effort to pull off.

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8. Thing one and thing two

Source: @pinterest

Dressing up as thing 1 and thing 2 is such a cute costume idea with an added bonus of keeping you warm!

Popular yet simple, this is the perfect adorable Halloween costume idea for you and your best friend. This college girl duo Halloween costume is super easy to pull off, and all Dr. Seuss fans are sure to love it.

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9. Football Players

Source: @pinterest

This is such a simple yet amazing Halloween costume idea to create! Just get your hands on some football jerseys, add some glitters, a cap and you’re good to go.

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10. 80s aerobics Halloween costume

Source: @pinterest

The 80s aerobics-themed costume is the perfect college Halloween costume idea for a big group of people!!

It’s super fun and easy to put together with just a few things that you may already have in your closet! If not, you can always find everything you need on Amazon!

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11. Maddy from Euphoria

credit: @n.akai

This outfit is inspired by the super popular show ‘Euphoria’! Dressing up as Maddy from Euphoria is a super cute and trendy costume idea that’s guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention!

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12. Harly Quinn


Harley Quinn has been one of the most popular Halloween costumes for college girls for the past couple of years and it’s easy to see why this is still a really popular costume idea for college students!

Not only this is one of the best Halloween 2023 costume ideas, but it’s also easy to recreate and cute to wear. To rock this Harley Quinn costume, you can either buy her jacket, shorts, t-shirt, and accessories separately or if you’re tight on time, buy it as a full set on Amazon

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13. Spice Girls

Can you name a more iconic girl group than the Spice Girls? This is such a fun group Halloween costume idea for a group of five friends.

14. Pretty Woman

Are you tired of the regular costumes and want something unique to wear? Then this Pretty Woman-inspired outfit would be the perfect college Halloween costume for you!

Plus it’s so fun and easy to DIY that you can pull this together at the last minute pretty easily!

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15. Tinkerbell

If you’ve loved Tinkerbell as a child, then this Halloween would be the perfect opportunity to dress up as everyone’s favorite fairy!

The Tinkerbell costume is super cute and it’s one of the trending Halloween costumes in 2023. Amazon has the perfect costume that has everything you’ll need to complete the look!

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16. Harry Potter


Were you a big Harry Potter fan growing up? Then this would be the perfect Halloween costume idea for you.

It is a classic so you can guarantee it is on the list of Halloween costumes college girls are loving! Plus it’d be so easy to recreate! Just throw on a black bodysuit and a harry potter robe – add some fishnet stockings and round glasses to complete the look!

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17. Barbie

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

There are so many variations of this classic Barbie doll costume but according to me, this is the most adorable one! It’s such a cute and fun college Halloween costume idea! 

You can buy this Barbie shirt on Amazon or if you wanted to wear a tube top, like the girl above, buy transfer paper and iron on the Barbie logo to complete the outfit!

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18. Swans Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for the perfect unique college Halloween costume to wear with your best friend this Halloween, then this Black swan-inspired black and white swan costume idea is the ideal choice for you!

It’s super fashionable yet easy to DIY too! All you have to do is buy these black and white ballet costumes, and a crown and go crazy with your makeup skills! 😀

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19. Lola Bunny From Space Jam


Lola Bunny is hands down one of the cutest animated characters, one who always wears the cutest outfits!

The outfit this girl is wearing is a super cute one! You can find this costume at pretty much any Halloween store or order it last-minute from Amazon if you’re in a bind.

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20. Animal Onesies

Want the perfect group costume for a college Halloween party?

Dressing up in animal onesies is an easy and cute Halloween costume that you can easily pull together at the last minute. All you need is an animal onesie and you’re ready to go.

Plus, you’ll be warm and comfy too the entire night!

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21. Biker Girl


This biker girl costume looks so hot and put together that it will make you look like a total knockout!

With an all-black outfit that you’ll probably already have with you and the signature red bandana, you have everything you need to put together a cute and trendy biker costume for Halloween this year!

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22. IT Halloween Costume

Credit: @samirajhoanaa

If you’re looking for scary Halloween costume ideas, then this Pennywise-inspired costume is honestly a scary costume idea that you can copy!

It’s a super popular college Halloween costume idea that’s not going to go out of style anytime soon! Plus you can find the whole ensemble for pretty cheap on Amazon.

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23. Princesses

Credit: @andilawley

Modern princess costumes are all the rage right now and Halloween is the perfect chance to dress up as royalty! You’re gonna steal the show for sure!

You don’t need to spend a lot to create this costume. You can easily find a stylish sparkly dress on Amazon and pair it with white gloves and a princess crown for finishing off the look!

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24. 60s Girls

Credit: @chloeefortner_

Impress your friends this Halloween by dressing up in this groovy 60s costume idea! It is super easy to throw together with dresses and headbands you already have, and pair it with cute sunglasses and Go-go boots!

It’s one of the trending Halloween costume ideas that can help you perfectly rock this year’s Halloween.

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25. Tequila Shots

Credit: @pinterest

If you have a group of margarita-loving friends, dressing up as the drink would be the perfect Halloween costume idea!

26. Chipotle Burritos

Credit: @pinterest

Okay, so if you’re looking for a super easy and cute Halloween costume you can put together at the last minute, this is it! All you need is a metallic dress to act as the burrito wrapper, easy as that!

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27. Clueless

Credit: @renataconner_

Another iconic college Halloween costume idea to wear with your best friend; go as Cher and Dionne from the movie Clueless!

You can recreate this costume with the signature plaid skirts, a tank top or blouse, and a jacket, or you could easily buy the full set from Amazon.

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28. Spring Breakers


This super hot college Halloween costume idea is inspired by the classic college movie Spring Breakers. All you really need for this costume is a bikini, hoodie, ski mask, and some toy guns to carry around.

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29. Cupid

Credit: @pinterest

Spread the love this Halloween with this hot and sexy cupid costume!

This cupid costume is the perfect example of how to put together a hot and stylish Halloween costume. Not only this is one of the best college Halloween costume ideas, but it’s also easy to recreate and cute to wear.

You can probably create the majority of your costume with clothing you already have, such as a red and white outfit. The only accessories you’ll need are a heart headband, and of course, a heart-shaped bow and arrow!

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The Best College Halloween Costumes

This post showed you the best Halloween costumes for college girls. Hopefully, you found the perfect costume ideas for you to wear this Halloween!

Looking for more college Halloween ideas?

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