11 Best Friendsgiving Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Party Ever


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The Best Friendsgiving Ideas

This post is all about the best Friendsgiving ideas you will want to copy!

Friendsgiving is such a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends as they don’t have to be so formal!

I love the idea of throwing a Friendsgiving party because it’s the perfect opportunity to get together with your closest friends at the beginning of the holiday season and show how thankful you are for each other!

If you are hosting Friendsgiving this year, here are the best Friendsgiving ideas to make your party an incredible Friendsgiving celebration that everyone will love and remember!

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1. Send paper invitations.

The first step to get your Friendsgiving party off to the best possible start is sending out paper invitations.

Sending online invitations or just texting the invite as a group message may seem much easier but they don’t hold as much importance as the traditional paper invitations you can get in the mail. Sending real invitations adds such a personal touch and feel important!

So invite them in style with these super cute, but inexpensive, Friendsgiving invitations that are available on Amazon.

Remember to send out your invitations a few weeks in advance to give your guests a heads up, so they can make preparations for attending.

2. Have a potluck meal.

Hosting a potluck Friendsgiving is the perfect idea for college students on a budget. It helps save you so much prepping time and money! It’s also a great way to make everyone feel included and take some of the pressure off of you!

As the host, you may want to take care of the main dishes (like a turkey), but ask your friends to contribute all the other dishes of the meal, like appetizers, entrees, desserts, beverages, etc. You can let each person know what they should bring on their invitation.

3. Get place cards for the table.

Just like sending out paper invitations, putting place cards at the dinner table adds a special touch for your party! It’s such a neat idea to let your guests know where to find their seats!

They’re pretty easy to DIY and let your creativity run free! Or if you’re short on time, you can get cute place cards from Amazon that are inexpensive.

I really love these rose gold place cards.

Another option to make your guests feel extra special at your Friendsgiving dinner is with these adorable wood place card holders. Perfect for decorating your Friendsgiving dinner table in a rustic style!

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4. Make dinner buffet-style.

Friendsgiving gatherings call for lots of table room. So if you’re short on seating space at the dinner table, set up your dinner to be buffet-style! You’d be surprised how much space can be found when food isn’t laid on the dinner table!

You can just create a buffet station with all your dishes on the bar counter or kitchen counter! This is also the easiest way to serve food because people can just get up to serve themselves (and go for seconds!) whenever they want!

5. Put up decorations 

Unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving parties are more relaxed and more fun and you can enjoy yourself! And the best part is that you can go crazy with the decorations!!

Cute banners, confetti balloons, garlands, funny signs, etc. are all great ways to decorate for Friendsgiving. You could even use pumpkins, leaves, and candles to create a cozy, fall atmosphere!

If you’re planning to throw a Friendsgiving party, then here are the best Friendsgiving decorations that are all under $25!

6. Make a photo wall.

Photo walls are a must at any Friendsgiving party for people to snap photos and capture memories all night long because you want to make sure you take pictures with all your guests to remember what a good time you had!

You can easily create a photo wall with just a few things and it instantly looks so much better!

Here are a few ideas for bringing your photo wall together:

This gold foil Friendsgiving balloon banner is super cute!

This tassel garland would be perfect for your Friendsgiving party.

Adding some fall leaves to your party decor will make it look super magical, and it’s definitely the best backdrop for photos.

Bonus: Taking photos on your phone is okay, but what’s better than having a physical memory you get to keep forever? It’d be a great idea to get a Polaroid camera with some extra film for it and leave it by the photo wall for guests to use!

7. Host a movie marathon

There’s nothing better than queuing up some fun movies to watch together with your friends after a long, satisfying Friendsgiving dinner!

Throw on a few Christmas flicks, gleeful family dramas, or unlikely romances, or let everyone take a part in deciding what movies you’ll watch! Then grab a warm beverage and settle in to have a great time!

8. Use disposable plates and silverware.

Using disposable plates and silverware for your Friendsgiving party will save you a lot of time and hassle. They’re perfect if you’re looking for some dinnerware that won’t require you to spend hours cleaning up and washing the dishes at the end of the night.

There are so many cute Friendsgiving plates available that you can easily order from Amazon and have shipped to you very quickly. These disposable plates from Amazon are super inexpensive!

And if you want to go with something fancier, then this cute disposable Friendsgiving tableware set will totally do the trick!

9. Decorate the table 

Don’t forget to decorate the dinner table while hanging up all of your other decorations. This idea has the added perk of helping your table stay clean!

You don’t have to go overboard with decorating your table and spending a lot of money. Just add a touch of glam to the table by placing a tablecloth or a table runner, some miniature pumpkins, and fall leaves and your guests will be wowed by how beautiful everything looks!

10. Plan party games.

I absolutely love party games at any type of social gathering! They’re the perfect ice breaker and the best way to get the party started!

For a lively and memorable Friendsgiving party, have some party games ready for everyone to play after dinner.

Here are some popular Friendsgiving game ideas that are sure to liven your party up!

This Friendsgiving bingo game is super cute and your friends are sure to have a good time.

Or if you enjoy playing board games, you can go for a classic party game like Cards Against Humanity that is guaranteed to have everyone loosen up and have a great time!

11. Have Music Playing In The Background.

Playing some music in the background is a simple thing that enhances every dinner party and sets a great mood.

This is a great party idea that is really easy but often forgotten. Just choose a playlist on Spotify or Amazon and put on some speakers before your guests arrive! Or better, plan ahead of time by creating a playlist that all of your friends will enjoy!

These are the best Friendsgiving ideas guaranteed to make your party a hit!

For even more Friendsgiving ideas, check out my list of the best Friendsgiving decorations (that are all under $25!)

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