10 Best Apps for College Students

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10 Useful Apps for College Students

This post is all about the best apps for college students.

College life can be HARD! You’ll be handling school, part-time job, or sports, all at the same time, and will find it a struggle to manage everything at once. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and lose focus!

However, there are tons of apps available today to help us out with everything, from studying to organizing! You’ll most probably be using your phone for literally everything, so using these apps will be insanely helpful to help you hold it together in college!

Here are the top 10 apps that I recommend for all college students!

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is hands down one of the best apps that I’ve ever used! It makes studying so easy! You can create your own flashcards or get access to study sets created by others, play memorization games, and take practice tests and so much more! Basically, it helps a lot in memorizing and reviewing what you’ve learnt!

The app has a pro version which lets you add images and diagrams  to your flashcards, add custom audio to your sets, get personalized study paths and various other features, which can be super useful!

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2. Evernote

Evernote is a super useful app for quickly taking down notes, organizing notes into different ‘notebooks’, creating checklists, setting reminders, even take voice notes (which is so cool!!)  and so much more!

The app saves all the notes onto the cloud so they can be accessed from multiple devices and allows you to stay organised from any device.

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3. My Water and Drink Reminder

Drinking plenty of water is super important for our health! But college life can be hectic, and more often than not we forget to drink enough water and only remember it when we’re literally dehydrated. But there are plenty of apps that can help you keep track of your water consumption.

My Water and Drink Reminder is one such great app that helps you track your water intake and set yourself intake goals so that you know how much water you’re drinking each day.

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4. Genius Scan

It’s always great to have an extra digital copy of all your important documents!

Genius Scan is an app that lets you quickly scan your paper documents into clear and legible, multi-page PDF files. This is something you’ll find really useful in college and after college!

The app automatically recognizes the shape of the paper, removes any distortions or shadows and crops it into shapejust like a real scanner.

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 5. Mint

Creating a budget and staying on top of your finances while in college can be a bit tricky. But with Mint you can easily keep track of your expenses and accounts, get free credit score reporting and reports of your spending habits.

Developing good money habits while in college will really help prepare you for life after graduation! So I highly recommend this app for all college students!

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6. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that can help you proofread any texts, emails, or documents so you’ll never send out an embarrassing email ever again! These features allow you to write fast and confidently and get more done in less time!

Grammarly is has a super useful web extension, that you can add to chrome for free and so you have great grammar and zero typos everywhere you type.

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7. Mathway

This app is an absolute lifesaver! It seriously makes it so easy to solve math problems, be it basic algebra or complex calculator. You just have to enter any math problem (or point your camera and snap a pic!) and it solves it for you.

You can see step-by-step solution for most problems so you can even learn the process of solving it.

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8. Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a great app for improving your productivity! It combines the Pomodoro Technique with Task Management, – basically, it makes sure you manage tasks efficiently and stay focused while doing them!

The app also a web extension,  which is super useful so you can stay focused from your computer as well.

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9. Noonlight

Noonlight is an incredible app to have for all college students, especially girls! It’s a personal safety app that lets you call for help whenever you’re in an unsafe situation.

If you’re feeling unsafe, simply open the app and hold your thumb on the button in the app. Release the thumb and enter your 4 digit pin when you reach safety. If you release your thumb but do not enter your 4 digit pin, the Noonlight team will text and call you to make sure you are safe. If you do not respond, they will dispatch the police, giving them your exact location!

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10. DoorDash

Having a food delivery app on your mobile phone is a no-brainer!! Just place the order on your phone and your favorite meal will be delivered straight to your room!

DoorDash is my favorite food delivery app! They are an on-demand food delivery service that partners with local restaurants to deliver food. It’s one of the best food delivery apps out there and operates almost everywhere now!

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This post was all about the best apps for college students.

This post showed you the best apps for college students to make your college life a ton easier! I hope you found this post helpful.

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