Top 31 Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate

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The Best Questions to Ask Your Potential College Roommate

This post is all about the best questions to ask your roommate before you start living together.

Moving into college can be overwhelming in itself. So finding a roommate on top of it, whom you’re comfortable living with during freshman year, can be really very difficult.

I remember that I was so excited to find a roomie whom I could go out with parties and gamedays, have study sessions with, who I could coordinate room decor with, pretty much somebody I could become great friends with!

Little did I know that it was easier said than done. You’ll most likely be sharing that tiny, cramped dorm room with this person for a whole year, so you’ll need to find someone you’ll be comfortable staying with.

Learning as much as you can about someone before deciding if you want to live together could save you from countless arguments down the road. And these questions helped me find an incredible roommate, and hopefully, they’ll do the same for you.

These are 31 questions to ask your future roommate to get to know them better.

1. What are you majoring in?

2. How did you decide to attend ___ college/university? 

3. Where are you from?

4. Would you rather stay up late or wake up early?

5. What are your cleaning habits?

A great question to ask to know if your potential roommate is a ‘neat freak, or ‘messy’ or somewhere in between! See if they align with your preferences.

6. How would you like to split up the chores for shared spaces?

It’s always a great idea to divide the chores like cleaning, taking out the trash, vacuuming etc.!

7. Do you like to keep your room hot or cold?

8. Have you already purchased some items for your dorm room? Would you want to split the cost for some items?

Most college roommates split the costs of shared items like TV, mini fridge, microwave oven etc. So it’s a good question to ask them beforehand.

9. What’s your policy on sharing?

10. What are your study habits like?

It’s a good question to ask so you can know things like if they’re planning to study in dorm rooms, listen to music while studying etc.?

11. What kind of music do you listen to?

A great question to get into asking some ‘getting to know’ questions to your roommate!

12. Do you listen to loud music, have the TV on a lot?

I really prefer the quiet environment so this is something would always ask my potential roommate!

13. Do you sleep with the TV or any type of noise on?

14. How do you like to spend your free time? Or weekends?

A simple question to determine if you share any interests and to get to know them better!

15. Do you have any pets?

16. What’s your class schedule like?

17. Do you plan on going through sorority recruitment?

18. Are you planning to join any clubs/organizations on campus?

19. What were you involved in during high school?

20. What do you like to do for fun?

21. Do you party/go out/drink?

Just good to know beforehand so that you get an idea of your roommate’s habits.

22. Are you currently working? Do you plan to keep a job while you’re in school?

23. Do you have any allergies? Or food restrictions?

A really important question to ask a future roommate. It makes you aware of potential allergic stuff that you can’t bring to the room. It also shows that you care. 

24. Do you plan to go home during the holidays or on weekends?

25. Are you bringing a car?

26. Which dorm hall do you want to live in?

If you have the liberty to choose which dorm hall you want, then it’s better if you knew your roommate’s preferences.

27. How often do you have friends over?

A very important question to ask! I personally didn’t like the idea of my roommate’s friends or partners staying the night, but thankfully my roommate was of the same opinion too!

28. What are your pet peeves?

Super important! Something you both should know about each other in order to avoid any future conflicts!

29. Would you identify yourself as introverted or extroverted?

Introverts need their alone time while extroverts need to be stimulated to get recharged! It’s helpful to know what to expect beforehand!

30. Are there any rules you want to establish before moving in?

31. What are you looking for in a roommate?

A great last question to ask since it gives them the opportunity to learn more about you!

So those are the best questions to ask your future college roommate!

These questions will reveal a lot about potential roommates and help you set mutually respectful ground rules and expectations later on down the line.

And trust me, finding a roomie you’re comfortable living with is soo important! It could literally make or break your college life!

But when you find that person, you will not only have a great dorm room experience but could also end up getting a new BFF!

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