25 Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $25


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The Best Funny White Elephant Gifts

This post is all about the best funny white elephant gifts for your holiday gift exchange!

White Elephant is one of my favorite Christmas party games and it’s such a fun holiday tradition. You never know what type of gift you’ll end up with and really, that’s what makes it so fun.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate and have a good time with your friends, coworkers, etc. And if you’re planning to participate, then you definitely want to show up with something that everyone will try to steal!

I’ve tried to include White Elephant gifts that are both amusing and practical. Whether you are having a Christmas party for family and friends, or even an office White Elephant gift exchange, this gift guide has got you covered!

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So here are 25 funny white elephant gift ideas that are guaranteed to get a laugh from everyone at your holiday party this year!

1. Prescription Coffee Mug

This prescription mug is a hilarious yet functional gift idea that you can actually get some use out of! It’s the perfect small gift that everyone will want!

2. Hamburger Flash Drive

While this hamburger flash drive may look silly at first glance, it’s actually surprisingly useful and not a bad deal for being under twenty dollars.

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3. Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

For the friend that loves their money, this $100 bill toilet paper gag gift is the funniest way to make them feel rich! Plus you can put this gift to good use too!

4. Pig Mini Vacuum

This miniature pig-shaped novelty vacuum cleaner looks so adorable and perfect for white elephant gift exchanges at the office. It would actually be super useful for cleaning your desk!

5. The Screaming Goat Book and Figurine

A small plastic toy goat that makes freakingly hilarious noises when its button is pressed….this screaming goat is the perfect little obnoxious desk buddy to always make you laugh.

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6. Dinosaur Taco Holder

Take eating tacos to a whole new level with this dinosaur taco holder that can carry two of your favorite tacos on its back! No more mess while eating tacos!

7. Funny Animal Slippers

These funny yet cute unicorn slippers are perfect for a white elephant gift exchange. Plus you can actually use them during the cold weather around Christmas time! 🙂

8. Bacon Floss

This bacon floss is exactly what it sounds like, dental floss that tastes like bacon! It might be one of the weirdest gag gifts out there, but also one of the most hilarious.

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9. Burrito Blanket

This burrito blanket looks like a huge tortilla and is available in 4 different sizes! It’ll keep you warm and comfortable and would be a funny gag gift idea!

10. Hot Dog Toaster

How fun is this little hot dog toaster? Not only can you cook your hot dogs, but you can throw your buns in the cooker at the same time for the perfect evening snack!

Although it may look ridiculous, it actually has raving reviews for how super useful these are.

11. Emergency Underwear

You never know when these emergency underpants may come in handy! This would make for such a silly gag gift!!

12. Toilet Golf Game

This toilet golf game is perfect for that friend who spends a lot of time in the toilet! Each package includes its own putting green, cup with a flag, two golf balls, putter, and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger! This is perfect for an office white elephant party!

13. Dead Fred Pen Holder

This Dead Fred pen holder is definitely one of those white elephant gifts that starts out being funny but winds up being super useful! Poor Fred is impaled by your pen whenever you want to use this penholder, and his dead body will keep it where you last left it until you need it again.

14. People of Walmart Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have risen in popularity these days because a simple act like coloring can actually help you relax and de-stress! Paired with a set of markers this hilarious People of Walmart coloring book is sure to be a hit at your white elephant gift exchange!

15. Blah Blah Button

This Blah Button is the funniest way to get out of boring conversations. When you press the button on the top it plays 12 unique Blah phrases in different vocal tones and styles. Perfect for stress relief in all sorts of situations in the office, at college, or even at home!! 😉

16. Corgi Butt Bottle Opener

These funny yet cute Corgi Butt Bottle Opener are perfect for a white elephant gift exchange. Plus you can actually use them for opening bottles!

17. The Butt Tape Holder

This butt tape dispenser is another silly looking gift idea but is actually quite a good desk accessory. This is another funny white elephant gift idea for an office party!

18. Wine Socks

You can’t go wrong with these hilarious wine socks! These are the perfect white elephant gift for under $10 and will be loved by all wine lovers. These even come with the word beer instead of wine if your friends are more likely beer drinkers.

19. Santa Drink Beverage Dispenser 

This adorable Santa Drink Beverage Dispenser is the perfect gag gift to add a little extra festive spirit and have everyone fighting over at your parties! It’s literally a beverage dispenser shaped like Santa’s socks that you can fill with your favorite beverage!

20. Unicorn Horn

This inflatable unicorn horn is such a funny White Elephant gift! It’s literally a unicorn horn that straps onto your head.

21. Desktop Cornhole Game

This mini-size cornhole game comes with everything you’ll need: two mini boards and 16 coins for two to four players. It’s such a fun way to take a break from work!

22. Cold Beer Coats

Awww, this is such a cute and funny white elephant gift idea! These super cute cold beer coats are the perfect white elephant gift idea if everyone at the party is of drinking age.

23. Leg Lamp Nightlight

This hilarious version of the leg lamp LED nightlight will bring back memories of the holiday classic movie A Christmas Story!

24. Bear Oven Mitts

These bear oven mitts might look a bit ridiculous but they can actually be quite useful in the kitchen. Two mitts are included in the package, one ‘left paw ‘ and one ‘right paw’. They’re actually really comfortable and feature silicone paw pads that help your grip.

25. Bicycle Pizza Slicer

This bicycle pizza slicer is such a fun idea for a white elephant gift! It’s both fun and functional and even comes with a stand for display and storage.

This post showed you 25 seriously funny white elephant gifts that everyone at the party will be fighting over.

I hope you found this post helpful and were able to find the perfect funny white elephant gifts that are sure to be a hit at your white elephant gift exchange this year!

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